Strategic vision and mission - Bank BTB
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Strategic vision and mission

Long-term strategic vision of Bank BTB is to make a leading universal bank that offers a wide range of financial services to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, and all segments of the population, through a network of sales, which are located in the regional centers of the country.


The mission of the bank is being a bank which is stable, dynamic in the banking market, and growing with clients as a transparent bank.
The bank's shareholders plan to attract new investors to the bank and for their involvement in the bank promises transparent partnership and co-management, as well as steady growth in investors' profits.
Since this strategy ,the bank will give a big priority to expeditious service and an individual approach to the clients, the bank will carry out the strategy "Grow with clients" and will form the portfolio of loyal clients.
Recognizing human resources as its most valuable asset, Bank accepted the mission to invest in its team members. 
With regard to the banking community in a transparent, open and accessible, as well as a corporate social responsibility, Bank declares a mission to take part in developing of society.

The bank's short mission is defined as follows:
Bank BTB's mission is to be a transparent bank, which ensures the steady growth of the value of shareholders' investments, an individual approach to customers with motivated and highly professional team and provides a more efficient funding of social projects that support the development of the bank.