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Deposit policy

Bank’s deposit policy consists of attraction of deposits from individual and corporate clients, determination of terms and effective interest rate, and effective management of these resources.

Bank’s deposit policy is prepared according to corporate principles of bank, such as clarity, flexibility, honesty, professionalism, transparency, convenient service. 

Steps in deposit policy: 

1. Analysis of the sources of deposit. 

Bank implements very strict policy on the issue of acceptance of illegally obtained money as deposit and the sources of deposits are analyzed.

2. Determination of interest rate of according to types. 

Interest rate is determined depending on factors, such as economic factors, trends in recent years, the current market position, the type of deposit, the term of deposit, the weighted average interest rate of other funds, and etc.

3. Determination of terms of deposits according to types. 

Terms of deposit is determined according to internal indicators (such as strategic plan, liquidity, terms of other funds, terms of products and etc.), and market position taking into consideration customer’s needs.

4. Diversification of deposit sources. 

Bank offers a variety of deposit products in order to attract deposits from not only single source, but the individual and corporate clients operating in different economic sectors, and other banks.

5. Automation of processes. 

Deposit operations carried out by the operating system and updates are applied consistently in the automation of processes.

6. Reporting. 

Changes in the volume of deposits are monitored on a daily basis and changes are evaluated periodically.

7. Analysis of deposit. 

Deposits are analyzed according to indicators, such as type, term, interest rate, client and etc.

8. Compliance with banking secrecy. 

One of the main principles of the bank is to protect the confidentiality of customer information.

9. Deposit insurance. 

Bank is the member of Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund and works closely with the fund. Information and reports are presented to fund on a regular basis in accordance with the law.

Bank controls and improves deposit policy regularly: reviews division of authority, adequacy of system and internal rules.