Visa Gold - Bank BTB
Internet Banking Credit Calculator

Cards and services fee

Term The Main card Additional card
1year 20 AZN 15 AZN
2 year 25 AZN 20 AZN
3 year 30 AZN 25 AZN


Other services fee

Initional payment Not available
The minimum amount of deposit Not available
Urgent order of card 10 AZN
Unblocking of PIN 0 AZN
The penalty (if the card is lost or stolen) 10 AZN
Commission for  payment claim services (grounded or ungrounded) 20 AZN


Kart Sifarişi

Ödəniləcək Məbləğ : 20 AZN

Kart uğurla sifariş olundu