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Security Recommendations


General recommendations

• Do not let a third party know your bank card PIN code.

• Remember PIN code. If it is difficult to remember, note it somewhere besides the card.

• If you doubt your PIN code is known by a third party, change the PIN code in ATM of the Bank.

• Do not give your card for the use to third parties. The card may only be used by the person who has his/her  name  and surname on it.

• Sign back of your card when getting it from bank.  It reduces the risk of card use without your agreement.

• Do not keep your card beside mobile phone, household and office appliances.

• Always remember the phone number of the Bank or “7/24 Customer Service”.

• To avoid card fraud apply a daily limit to cash and activate “SMS Notification” service.

• Please urgently call Bank or “7/24 Customer Service” and block  the card when it is lost or stolen.


Recommendations on operations at  ATM

• In case of necessity for ATM operations, please use ATM installed only in safe places (banks, government institutions, shopping centres, metro stations)

• Please inspect an ATM before using it. There should not be any additional object on it. (Keyboard for entering  PIN code should be normal and make sure the card slot has not been installed). In case of any doubt about ATM, do not use it and inform the Bank.

• Do not use physical force while inserting a card to ATM. If ATM doesn’t accept the card, do not attempt to use the same ATM again .

• Prevent PIN code from being seen by a third party.

• Avoid mobile phone use while making operations at ATM. It may distract you and be resulted in “swallowing” of your card and cash by ATM again.


Recommendations on cashless payment  for services and products

• Require your participation while paying with card.

• Cashier may require to enter PIN code, sign a receipt and ask for ID card while paying with card at POS-terminal. Be sure that PIN code is not seen by third parties while entering it.

• Please, keep the receipt if the operation fails. If this operation is not stated at Bank statement, you may throw the receipt away.


Recommendations on online payments with card

• Do not use PIN code while paying through internet or mobile phone.

• Do not give personal, card or bank account information through internet.

• Do payments only through well-known websites.

• It is recommended to use special card while paying online.

• Be sure website addresses you do shopping are correct. It is inevitable to make illegal operations with card on similar websites.

• Do your payments through your personal computer. If computer is not yours, please, do not keep confidential information on computer’s memory and be sure that all information you entered is deleted after operation is over (You may check it entering the same website again).

• Download an antivirus program to your personal computer and update it regularly. It will protect your information and computer from harmful viruses.